Monte Carlo Casino Poker Chip Plaques Overview.

I wanted to attend Monte Carlo, the beautiful scenery and the exciting casino action. Since I’m an avid poker player, I was always interested in the ceramic poker chip plaques I would see them pushing around on those James Bond movies. I decided to test them out for myself, to observe how they play and why they choose them.

For those not really acquainted with Monte Carlo Casino Poker Chip Plaques, they are normally utilized in high stakes games with denominations starting at 1K going around 100K. The plaques are primarily utilized in European and International card rooms and casinos, but in the United States, we utilize them mainly in high stakes games. They’re also great for re-buys and add-on markers.

While the Monte Carlo Casino is fictional, oahu is the meaning so it represents, a lot more than anything. Agen Judi Slot PG Soft Like Las Vegas clay casino chips provide the feel of Vegas, Monte Carlo Casino Poker Chip Plaques represent the high stakes, international action of Monte Carlo.

They can be found in different colors for the denominations, and are made of ceramic that’s smooth with the exception of the textured gold and black detailing for the edges and denominations. They’re a little over 2 inches wide, 3 and 1/4 inches long and about 3.5mm thick. They’re such as a small ceramic brick that make a different “chink” sound when compared to a regular resin or clay casino chip.

I prefer them whenever we are playing those no limit Hold’em games, where counting casino chips is a consistent area of the game, unless you start trading around these Monte Carlo Casino Poker Chip Plaques, which keeps the pace exciting. They’re also much simpler on an “All-in” and less messy, and they also save all that chip-stacking and counting labor.

They have a classy look and feel for them, and you don’t need to have as much regular resin or clay chips in those high stakes or no limit games. You are able to bank them in and out to truly save on the average person, smaller denomination casino poker chips.

I remember the first time I broke them from my buddies whenever we were playing high stakes, no-limit. Not only were they impressed with the look, feel and sound of the casino poker chip plaques, however it managed to get much simpler to see who’d just how many chips while the game action was going on.

They thought I’d got them on one of my poker playing or casino trips, however when I told them I got them online, they couldn’t wait to obtain on the Internet to add them for their collections, too. I suppose there is something about owning Monte Carlo Casino Poker Chip Plaques that make you feel such as a high-roller within an international poker circuit.

I purchased them at some of the casinos that have had them in their international card rooms, but I remember how excited I was when I found out I possibly could buy them for my home games with my friends. Monte Carlo Casino Poker Chip Plaques keep carefully the games moving quicker and put a different spin on keeping track of big stack and small stack.

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